BESO has been a saving grace for my skin! Ever since I started bouncing between New York, Colorado, and California, climate change and traveling in general started taking a toll on my skin. Wearing makeup every day and shifting between warm climates to dry ones made a proper facial regimen CRUCIAL. I know how harmful products with chemicals and added fragrances can be to your face, and I love that BESO feels so clean and natural! I use it as both a facial cleanser and a makeup remover, and it serves as an awesome exfoliant before applying a face mask or moisturizer. I also love that it’s easy to travel with – it’s not a liquid or gel, so I never have to worry about putting it in a “travel size” container or wrapping it in plastic so it doesn’t explode in my bag. My skin is left feeling clean, smooth, and HEALTHY every time!
Micayla Kay

Former Miss Teen USA (2009)

Beso exfoliate is an exquisite product. I use it daily as a facial cleanser and make-up remover. I feel like it even removes my wrinkles! It leaves my face feeling fresh and youthful, but not dried out. This is a must-have product in Colorado for keeping clean and vibrant.
Dr. Jenni Skyler, PhD

Director, Intimacy Institute

BESO makes my face “Bright”!  Right now I have two other high-end exfoliants for my face and I would certainly reach for BESO over the other two. It is AMAZING, not many exfoliants out there can get me the results I want, BESO does for sure!
Giuliana Moorefield

I have been using Beso’s exfoliate for about 2 weeks now and I absolutely love it! I’m all about using natural products and it just doesn’t get better than this. It doesn’t dry out my skin like other face washes normally do. It definitely makes me feel fresh and my skin feels tight right after using it. The other day I had a few pimples pop up on my forehead, after 2 uses of Beso, my face already cleared up! I haven’t had that happen with any other washes, usually, it takes almost a week to fully clear. This product is amazing and I highly recommend it!!
Thalia Bagwell

I highly recommend BESO Skincare. It is a wonderful addition to my morning shave that leaves my face feeling alive and glowing. This is a great product…Thank You BESO!
Lane Lasater, PH.D.

Charlotte, NC

BESO is an incredibly gentle and effective exfoliant that I have found works exceptionally on my sensitive skin. I now use it oppose to my previous exfoliant post waxing for my arms, upper legs, and thighs. In the past I’ve had issues after waxing with ingrown hairs, irritable, itchy, and bumpy skin. Now, my legs are soft, smooth and no longer irritated. I absolutely love BESO and recommend it to all my friends and associates in the healthcare industry.
Yvonne Stroud

Registered Nurse, Kaiser Permanente