Natural Organic Exfoliant 

What It Is: Our best-selling BESO Exfoliant is a 12-in-1 all-star! Use as a:


✔All-over exfoliator

✔Acne Treatment

✔Pre/Post Shave

✔Makeup Remover….and many, many more uses! 

What It Is: The organic, hypoallergenic powder comes from Colorado Ponderosa Pine. Our proprietary process sterilizes and supercharges the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. It’s 100% clean from toxins like parabens, petrochemicals, silicones, mineral oils and fragrance. Gentle enough for daily use on all skin types and family-friendly.

What It Does: Customize your skincare with a Kiss From Nature™. Once applied, the exfoliant becomes activated by your unique skin pH. It gently loosens the bond of dead skin cells by drawing out toxins and free radicals from the top layer of skin. It moisturizes, softens rough spots, diminishes the appearance of age spots, and Melasma. The result? An instantly toned, smoother and glowing complexion. It’s the perfect spa-grade natural alternative to harsh chemical dermabrasion. With regular use, you’ll slow the aging process and turn back the hands of time! 

How To Use It: Shake gently and tap a dime sized amount into your palm. Add a splash of water and blend the product into a creamy paste-like consistency. Apply with extra-light pressure and use small circular movements for 30-60 seconds. Avoid the eye area and rinse clean. 

BESO™ Pro Tip: Have a bug bite or skin irritation? Add a small amount of water to the exfoliant to create a paste-like consistency and apply to skin to soothe and repair. 

Replace your shampoo with exfoliant once a week to remove buildup! Wet hair and apply a quarter size amount into hands and massage directly into your scalp for 60 seconds. Rinse Clean.