Grandma Ida Lip Serum

The History: Grandma Ida’s family roots trace back to La Rochelle France off the banks of the Gironde river. She preserved the family heritage and traditions by passing on her love of winemaking, and best-kept beauty secrets to smooth natural-looking lips. Always polished, she embodied the style, beauty, and poise that French women are known for. Inspired by her signature “French-look” and the 3 B’s: Bordeaux, burgundy, and beauty; we created Grandma Ida’s iconic lip serum to share with you! 

What It Does: Kiss chapstick goodbye and say hello to this intensely hydrating treatment. The steel roller ball delivers instant results and A Kiss from Nature™ to the contours of the lips. There are no added colors, fragrances, or chemicals. The potent pine oil extract works to promote collagen renewal and reduce UV damage. Lips will feel smoother and immediately look enhanced. You’ll get natural, botox-like results without the needle!  

How to Use It: Roll onto bare lips to lock in all-day hydration. A little goes a long way but you can apply as often as you need. Family-friendly!

BESO™ Pro Tip: Roll onto wrists, temples, or behind ears to help boost the immune system. Also great for healing bug bites and minor skin irritations. 

Ingredients: Pinus Ponderosa Extract

Price: $54.99

.33 fl oz/9.7 ml

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